Tuesday, May 27, 2008

as promissed I will show the new model I will present at Blade called ZULU....exclusive preview for your eyes only This model originates from the Testlab Outbreak V.57-411 from December 2007. I really like this one ...in fact so much I just made one for my self as EDC knife. It is a semi small knife yet it performs as a much bigger knife...! 3" worth of .200" thick RWL-34 blades....I hope you like it..!

First one I am showing is a solid titanium framelock with one side made from .160" plate with deep crater texture. The lockside is .130" titanium...Blade is handrubbed

next is this one made again as framelock with black and blue techno textured G10 and stonewashed blade....LOVE this techno texture!!!

the previous two will be with me at Blade....as well as two more....THIS one is for a delivery at the show....F22 CF and Timascus, handrubbed blade....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Rare folders available...! Prototype and folder #100

This is a very rare chance for you to score two very unique knives. I have been carrying these knives for the past years and just finished my newest EDC today and these need a new home.

First is the prototype for my Rebel model. I made this knife back in late 2003 or early 2004. It is only the 5th folder I ever made and is ofcourse one of my earliest models. When I designed this knife it was meant to be a street legal folder in Denmark, hence no opening hole. I have been carrying this folder almost every day since I made it. I has lots of patina but is in good shape. The handle is Denim Fibermascus and if I am not much mistaken it was some of the first Fibermascus made. Back then I was in the testgroup of this material and the Rebel was one of the "testknives" for the material. The frame is buildt from 3 layers of titanium...one layer under the scalematerial in approix .100" thickness and two .050" layers on the lockside - one layer covering the lock. The inside is jeweled and marked with my name and the serialnumber P0105. The outside has been beadblasted. The blade is handrubbed. This knife has been pictured in Knives Annual 2005 as well as a couple times in knifemagazines if my memory serves me right...

The price for this rare knife is $550 plus shipping SOLD

This is a knife I have been very happy to carry. It is my Nemo model and is folder #100 I have ever made. I made this knife back in 2005 and is serialnumbered 04100. This is a framelock made from .125" titanium with shadowboxed desert fibermascus as scalematerial. The clip is what has become my very popular textured clip that originates from the Amok folder. This Nemo was the first folder I put this style clip on besides the Amoks....I have been carrying this folder almost everyday since I made it and has crossed the pond with me several times. It is is perfect working condition but ofcourse has lots of patina. The frame is beadblasted and the blade is handrubbed.

The price for this beauty is $550 SOLD

here is a shot of these together and also showing the locks.....even though both folders has been workhorses the locks shows little to no wear at all!! These will btw NOT be with me at Blade....instead come see my new EDC

if your interested in one of both of these contact me at info@ansoknives.com


Friday, May 23, 2008

I just recieved these in the mail...this was a testrun to judge how the colors would like like with the print etc...will have a VERY limited amount of these at Blade....VERY limited...anyways...let me know what you think. If you like you can start adding your wishlist with sizing in this thread or email at info@ansoknives.com. These are Gildans Ultra cotton t-shirts and the hoodies are Heavyweight Gildans for the regular and Heavy Blend for the zippered....I donĀ“t know the pricing yet but will post that as soon as I know....

I am not sure I will keep the print in Orange but rather change both designs to YELLOW!....

anyways here goes...

67 design in Yellow print on black or chestnut

Outbreak logo shown in Orange but expect to print them in Yellow as I feel it will goe better with the logo and concept...

printed on Military Green and Dark Chokolate

zippered hoodie in black and the regular hoodie in Dark Chokolate....


A couple Rasta and a Nemo for Blade..!

These will be on my table next week at Blade.....two Rastas....one with Techno textured BGP G10 and handrubbed blade in RWL-34...the other with Mega textured orange G10 and stonewashed blade in RWL-34...

Finally a Nemo in black G10...all of these are framelocks!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bladeshow table 18c!

Greetings friends of the Anso knife :)

last few months and the last few weeks in particular I have been working hard to get my knives ready for the Bladeshow. The result was worth the 14-18 hour days I have been working lately. I have 18 knives available for sale at the show and I have 5 with me for delivery! The knives represents some of my very best work in my opinion. I am presenting a new model at the show....one of the previous Outbreaks has been promoted :) ....The name for the knife is ZULU and I will show pictures of it just before I leave for Atlanta.

Here is a little sneak peak of what I am bringing.....will supplement with more pictures during the following week before I jump on a plane for Atlanta! If you have a chance to go to the show besure to stop by table 18c!