Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The latest in my Testlab Outbreak project... V. 279-47

With this project I have been doing some serious experimenting. First of I have changed some of the ways I put my folders together to ensure a stronger and better folder with less chance of problems like ofcenter blades, sticking locks etc...secondly I have been using my CNC to rough out parts plus doing experimental textures....This Outbreak project has taken far longer than any of the previous projects but has been well worth it....I have developed 5 different textures in the process plus produced some of the best functioning folders I have ever made...

As usual 5 have been made of this design in the test phase and 2 of these will be available via lottery. I will be posting a gallery thread with all 5 shortly...

Specs of the folders: 3 1/4" blade in .200" RWL-34, 7 1/2" overall... .156" titanium lock side and handle side. Frame textured, beadblasted, anodized and stonewashed. These all have Spyderco opening holes

All blades have various grinds...both symmetrical and assymetrically...I like !

I will as usualbe selling these 2 via a lottery. To enter the lottery for a chance to buy one of these knives please read carefully:

Pictured below is the 2 available knives....They are each priced at $950 plus shipping. Email me at ansoknives(at)ansoknives.com and write "Available Outbreaks Sept 27th 2011" in the subject. In the email you will write down which of these 2 your interested in. after 24 hours I will assign everyone who has contacted me with a "lucky number" for each of the knives he/she is interested in and let a random number generator pick the "winners". If you are only interested in 1 of these you get one chance...if your interested in two you get two chances, etc. Hope this makes sence....BUT please specify which your interested in or if your interested in them all...!!

Finally a note for the European readers....these prices do not incl VAT TAX...so if you live inside the European Union please let me know when you contact me!

Contact me at ansoknives(at)ansoknives.com for further information and to be put on the newsletter list for new Outbreaks.

ok lets see them...!

Knife A with blue/grey anodized experimental texture #1 , dublex assymetrical grind:
Knife B with green/bronze anodized experimental texture #2 , symetrical swedge grind:


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