Saturday, February 04, 2006

My forum on the USN vs my website vs Ansoknives Blog

A small note about what you can expect of the different medias I use....

This blog will give you the latest news from me but in a cooked down version with just a few picturesd of each project.

The forum on the USN (see link in in the menu to the right) is used to post much more of the latest news, have discussions on my projects and for customers and friends to post questions, pictures of their knives and general smalltalk.

My website at is for my pictures of my regular model with prices, orderinfo etc.

When I have various knives for sale they will first go on the USN forum and this blog and whats left after a couple days will end up on the site. The reason why I do not put them on the site right away is that it requieres much more work to do so than by using the blog and forum


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