Sunday, July 02, 2006

New folder and bali models..!!

I recently presented these two new models at the Bladeshow 2006 with great succes...!First lets look at the foldermodel called "Bastid"This model sports a 4 " deep belly recurve blade. The model is inspired by a sketch I had laying around for a Jyen bali.....I really liked the bladeshape but was not "ready" to finish the bali design....the folder design came out pretty damn well in my opinion. I prepared 4 prototypes of this model in the last heattreat batch, 3 framelocks and 1 linerlock. 2 was for the Bladeshow and 2 was for special customers.

This one - prototype nr 3 - a framelock, was to be something VERY special first knife using this stuff...! I chose to beadblast the timascus before heatcoloring it leaving it a more mate look and not so "bling bling"....which is not really my style...the mate look however is awsome..!!

Time to present the Chinese bali..(and again...I made the nr 1 proto for Tony and he posted pictures in the baliforums..thanks Tony...great pictures...!!)Anyways this model is based on my Chinese fixed blade design with some changes to the bladeprofile to make it fit the handle better.....I like the changes to the profile so much I might change the fixedblade with it..!!It is the firt bali with a curved handle I have made and at first it is a little weird to flip if you like me only have tried to flip straight handled balis before...but you get used to it FAST..! The handle is has an excellent grip and the negative bladeangle (which you will see in ALOT of my designs) makes it an excellent utility knife..! (thanks to Ed Schemp for teaching me the proper term (negative blade angle) of something I just have been doing for years...just didnt have a clue what to call it)The blade is 3.5" long but gives the impression of a much larger blade when you use it....extreemly usefull shape...!! Will do wonders in the kitchen or camp while preparing food..!I am taking orders for this bali for 550$ configured like the picture ....for other options send me a pm or email..! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blade shape of the new folder is really cool. It looks like a excellent folding fighter. Fantastic work again, Jens.

Shun Chiang (USN)

July 06, 2006 11:22 PM  

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