Saturday, March 07, 2009

Anso Testlab Outbreak V. 537-19 (March 2009) Pictures - Lottery!!

Testlab Outbreak V.537-19

Been working the past week on this new Outbreak model. I figured it was time to investigatre more into the flipper business and designed this one last week.
This time I have been working in the approx 3 1/4" range with this new design. Overall lenght is approx 7 1/2". Blades are made from 1/5" thick stock RWL-34 with a nice hollowgrind. Frames are made from .140" titanium. The all have an internal or hidden stoppin and have stonewashed blades with handrubbed flats.

I started out preparing parts for 6 folders but the last one disagreed with me quite a bit and I ended up having to restore the balance of power with my trusted ball peen hammer....! SO.....back to the regular 5 Outbreaks we are again

The 3 shown here are available for sale!

knife A: Stonewashed RWL-34 blade - black/orange G10 handle with "Scale" texture and single frame . Price $795

Knife B: Stonewashed RWL-34 blade - Earth brown G10 with "Mega" texture. Price $795

Knife C: Stonewashed RWL-34 blade - Translucent G10 with single frame and overlay. "Mega" texture. Price $795

These will be shipped in a Pelican case 1030.

I will because of the overwhelming interest be selling these via a lottery. To enter the lottery for a chance to buy one of these knives please read carefully:

Email me at and write "March Outbreak Lottery" in the subject. In the email you will write down which of these 3 your interested in. after 24 hours I will assign everyone who has contacted me with a "lucky number" for each of the knives he/she is interested in and let a random number generator pick the "winners". If you are only interested in 1 of these you get one chance...if your interested in two you get two chances..etc. Hope this makes sence....BUT please specify which your interested in or if your interested in them all...!!

Finally a note for the European readers....these prices do not incl VAT if you live inside the European Union please let me know when you contact me!

Contact me at for further information and to be put on the newsletter list for new Outbreaks. Also check out the Outbreak site at

for more pictures check my forums!


Blogger Suzanne said...

Jens, those look great!!

March 13, 2009 12:38 AM  
Blogger matth3wdean said...

You know I am kicking myself for not getting in on knife A. I love style of the blade.

Matt Carper

March 26, 2009 4:43 AM  

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