Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fixedblades....closing on orders the 22nd of August 2006...please read!

I have decided to close on orders for my fixedblades as of the 22nd of August. This leaves you all with 4 weeks to place orders for my current models. All orders placed within the 22nd of August will ofcourse be made. After the 22nd I will close the fixedblade orderbook. I might at some point open up for orders on fixed blades again but for now I do not plan to do so at least not in the near future.

So what does this mean...? Will I stop making fixed blades?? nope...but I am at a point where I have more or less lost interest in making my regular fixedblades and feel it takes away time and energy from more interesting projects like my Amok Automatic project I am working on right now. I will continue to produce fixedblades now and then...this will mostly be one of a kinds or small series of maybe 5 or 10 of a certain model. I will probably also have some fixed blades available at the shows I do but am still undecided about which kinds. I will continue to make nasty neckers and pocket scalpel mostly for shows but since I didnt take orders for those in the first place these will not be effected by this anyways.

I have a strong feeling that doing so will give me much more freedom and joy in working in the shop and will make it possible for me to focus more on refining and developing my folders and balisongs. I will be able to set up my shop differently so I can work more effeciently and have more fun :)

I will ofcourse still accept orders for folders and is ONLY fixedblades I am stopping taking orders for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A shame really.. because the balisongs and the knives you make with Spydercos openinghole, are both one hand operated knives, and thus utterly illigal in Denmark.. so more or less 2/3 of your knives are now useless as knives per see in this country..

And with all those hypermodern materials you are using now, composites, kydex etc.. they are really loosing that "handemade" look..

I se you have removed allmost every natural/organic materials from your site.. leather/wood/bone etc.

I guess its a way to be cutting edge, and sepparate yourself from "traditional" knifemakers, but all your knives now just seem moulded and machine/CNC made (the handles, not the blades), why not try and combining the best of the old and new world ;) think you could make som really interesting combos with your epoxys/carbons and some old school oranic materials.. These new knifes just dont convay the "handmade" look that one would expect at those prices..

ohh well you gotta do what makes you feel god.. and good luck doing it..

August 24, 2006 9:48 AM  
Blogger Jens Anso said...

Well I guess you win some and you loose some....however me stopping taking orders for fixed blades is just that..I donĀ“t take orders for them...I will continue to make some now and then but in new designs and what I want to make....I will still use natural materials...allready do use mammoth on my folders but have decided that for several reasons that wood is a no go on my folders...

this move will also leave me more time to concentrate on folders and who knows maybe make more folders that will be ok in Denmark..I allready make the Rebel and Revolution with nailnicks instead of spyderhole so they are legal in Denmark...

August 24, 2006 7:40 PM  
Anonymous Joachim aka -JB- said...

@ anonymous

Not taking orders on fixed blades has nothing to do with what you are complaining about.

I think its really hard to find any decent knife that does comply to danish knife laws. Get real man.

I own and have owned knives from big names (customs not productons) and Anso stands out among them for quality AND price.

Wining down such big words and critisism, anonymously, doesnt sound like any knife enthousiastic to me either. Grow up.

I hereby want to wish Jens the best of luck and success in designing and making new folder models. Really looking forward.


August 30, 2006 2:22 AM  

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