Thursday, November 23, 2006

Testlab Outbreak....!

I was really supposed to wait telling you guys about this but I can´t help it....!

I am starting a new project that I call "Testlab Outbreak"..basicly this is my way of being more innovative and explore different new designs, textures, tecnics etc..

I have a ton of ideas that I need to start exploring and to do so when my main production is customorders is to take out a few days a month and concentrate on making excactly what I want...try out new things and see what happens. The resulting knives will be VERY limited in numbers and should be very collectable. I will be making a max of 3-5 of each of these in the test phase. I can imagine most will be one of a kinds even...Some might later evolve into standard models but the prototypes will vary from these a great deal. I am extreemly enthusiastic about this whole thing and can´t wait to get started on more knives!

And without further talk I would like to introduce the first "outbreak"....

Experiment 57-5
Specs: 3.5" blade - beadblasted RWL-34
.125" titanium framelock
Texure version 3.0
Double standoff titanium backspacer
Textured solid titanium clip.


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