Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Current bid is $731!

I finished this one of a kind folder today. This is a rather small folder but it is still a very usefull tool due to the beefy materials used. I made the blade out of Mike Norris SS Damascus. The blade is just shy of 1 1/2" long and the overall lenght is 3 3/4. The blade is .200" thick!!! It can be alittle tricky to see in the pics but the blade is hollowground allthe way to the back as most my knives are....The frame is made from .125 and .140" thick titanium (the thicker is used on the textured side to make the two sides look equally thick). The backspacer is black G10. This folder does not have a pocket clip but rather a small lanyard with a titanium disk marked "ANSO 2009" and "1 of 1". The knife is intended for either deep pocket carry or my the jeans watch pocket. In the later the lanyard and disk works great to pull the knife out with.

I will sell this knife via auction. I will open the bid at $500. Email me at with your bid and I will post the bids here anonymous. Alternatively check my forum on the USN for more pictures.
I will let the auction be open for 36 hours from time of this post but will keep it open untill 1 hour after the last bid to avoid any sniping.
Your bid will incl. shipping anywhere in the world but please be aware that if you live the european union I will have to ad VAT to your bid.

And now for some pictures


Blogger Suzanne said...

That my friend is waaaaaay cool!!

March 18, 2009 9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since the first outbreak model of a small folder, this is your second offering. Much better then the first (my opinion). You might be surprised at the orders that come in if you make a small folder such as this part of your standard offering. I've been watching the bids since you posted it and frankly, if it wern't for the "techno" scale milling detail (sorry I'm not a fan of it) I'd of bid up to $1000 USD for such a knife. Just think what you could make on this type of design if you offered it as your other standard models with choice of blade and scale type. $$$$ in our pocket!!! Seems like easy money to me. I'm just waiting to give my money to someone who will make it. Your the closest as far as skill and craftmanship (my opinion). So I hope you take this seriously. I want to give you my money...I just want options in a little jewel like this.
Thank you for doing what you do!!!

March 20, 2009 1:12 AM  

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