Sunday, September 21, 2008

Auto Amok

I just finished this Double action Auto Amok for a customer. This is only my 3rd. automatic to date and I feel I am getting the hang of it.... The blade is 5 3/4" worht of Vinland Damasteel with heatcolored Mike Norris bolsters and Stellar Seacow handles. All screws are heatcolored. This flies open with a loud clack ...! The double action is tricky to make but feel I nailed it on this is all about the construction of the firing mechanism. it took 40 parts total to build this wonder it takes a long time...!
Lets let the pics do the rest of the talking...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Upscaled Rasta

Just finished this for a customer down under.....

This is my Rasta model with Mike Norris Raindrop damascus blade (SS)...bolsters are Reitveld Dragonskin...contoured and heatcolored. Scales are Stellar Seacow....everything handrubbed to 1200 grit ...screws has been heatcolored...!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

finished this piece today with a brand new and interesting texture....have not figured out a name for it yet but I am sure you will see this one more knives to come.....!...looking at the pics the G10 seems very dirty ....need to go clean it up

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

this is my new EDC....this is serial nr 2 from the April Outbreak V.369-44 .......Figured it was about time for me to get one of my Outbreaks... The blade is 3 1/3" of stonewashed RWL-34 and the overall lenght is 7 2/3". The frame is a single sided framelock out of .140" titanium with handleside out of green/pistacio G10 with integral backspacer.....the frame has been stonewashed also....hope you enjoy the pictures....I know I enjoy the knife....together with the knife is the rest of my EDC stuff....Surefire pen and Surefire light with a Starlingear Curby lanyard thingy... laying on top of my Arcteryx hooded jacket....