Saturday, February 28, 2009

Outbreak Teaser

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Machinery...Bridgeport...!!!

Since I just bought a Bridgeport and big Deckel pantograph I had to expand the shop....if you followed the last build thread I had you saw the status of the room I am working I managed to build a really strong floor....have to be with about 5-6000 pounds of machinery being added ....ceiling and walls are next.....

today I took delivery of the Bridgeport and in a couple of weeks or so I will get the Deckel.....went easyer than expected....

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

2 available Outbreaks!!

Just finished these two last V. 369-44 (this model is from April 2008 but just finished the last from the batch of 5 here)
I really like this model Outbreak and have been carrying the second I made since April last year...really nice..!

Specs of the folders: 3 1/3" blade in .200" RWL-34, 7 2/3" overall... .140" titanium frame. blade and frame beadblasted and stonewashed.

One has my new mono layered techno texture directly on the titanium frame and the other have a single sided frame with Orange/black G10 also single layere Techno texture (or doodle texture as I also called it in the last thread about it)

These are the first two folders that have been marked on the blade with "Testlab Outbreak" The mark is etched deep, crisp and dark....just the way I like it...actually first folders ever from me with an etch logo...!

I will because of the overwhelming interest be selling these via a lottery. To enter the lottery for a chance to buy one of these knives please read carefully:
Both knives are priced at $750 each
Email me at and write "Available Outbreaks" in the subject. In the email you will write down which of these 2 your interested in. after 24 hours I will assign everyone who has contacted me with a "lucky number" for each of the knives he/she is interested in and let a random number generator pick the "winners". If you are only interested in 1 of these you get one chance...if your interested in two you get two chances. Hope this makes sence....BUT please specify which your interested in or if your interested in them all...!!

Finally a note for the European readers....these prices do not incl VAT if you live inside the European Union please let me know when you contact me!

Contact me at for further information and to be put on the newsletter list for new Outbreaks. Also check out the Outbreak site at

ok lets see them...!

Knife A with full titanium handle and carbon fiber backspacer:
Knife B with G10 handle