Monday, January 26, 2009

Mini-B and Haddock

cool pics by my buddy Piter and Duane!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

important announcement!!

I am preparing a major overhaul to the site and one of the tings needed done is some pruning of the older models to allow room for new ones...! I am not sure when these changes can be made yet but hope it will be within the next month or so. So I figured I would give you all a heads up. Thing is if you feel you really NEED one of these models I am discontinuing you just need to get on my waiting list before I do. The way my list works is all models available from the time you get signed up and forward will be available when your name is think about it and if you need any of these send me an email asap!

Ok the following will be discontinued within the next month or so...:

Amok (all sizes)
Mofo (all sizes)

it is alittle sad to see these go as I love these models but I also feel they represent something in my design history that is long gone and I need to constantly move forward. With the Outbreak project I am discovering so many new designs and several of them will become regular available in the future in more or less changed versions.....

so....think about those 3 models and if you need one or more before they are completely gone let me know!

Monday, January 19, 2009

a little weekend project....Construction in the Anso shop

decided this weekend it was about time I did some sound reduction on my dust was noisy as hell so I buildt a frame around it and insulated and covered it all up...also did an outside "muffler" that reduces the soubd from the excaust.....managed to reduce the sound you hardly notide it when you walk past my shop....before you would have to yell to have a conversation near it....

New Rebel - New texture