Friday, May 25, 2007

Testlab Outbreak 444-020

Very happy to present this new Outbreak.....! I know it has only been 3 weeks since my last Outbreak presentation and that I will launch 2 more at the Bladeshow but I just had to finish this...! This a true worker and I am very satiesfied with the end result. I explored a new kind of texture for me.....and I really like how it feels and looks. The knife shown is made with .200" thick and approx 3.4" long blade in RWL-34 and the overall knife is 7 3/4" long....really maxing the blade/handle ratio to the limit. The handle is .160" titanium textured on one side and framelock on the other. Beadblasted and anodized. I have been doing some experimenting with the nailnick and found it easy to open one handed because of the broad and thick blad....
This one was made for my good friend Vox

I have a few spots on the list available for remaining Outbreaks so if your interested send me an email to . The first who says "put me on the list" gets on it....! These are priced at $650 and there will be made a total of 5 in the Outbreak phase incl the one shown.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Outbreak V. 93-456

It has been a while since I posted anything....I am preparing for the Bladeshow and that means working double overtime! :) only about a month untill I am on my way to the airport :D

Anyways I just finished this new Outbreak V.93-456 ...! it is a semi small folder......when you hold it it seems rather big but the blade is actually only 3 1/4" long...but the dramatical curve gives a cutting edge more like 3 3/4 or so....Blade is .200" thick RWL-34 on a .130" titanium frame with Tan texture is tested on this one also.....VERY grippy. I will be making 5 of this model in the test phase. This particular one is available....first who email me at with a "I´ll take it" gets 4 will get a place in line. The knife comes in a Pelican case 1120. Price: $595