Saturday, March 10, 2007

The official beginning of the testlab Outbreak project came earlier this year and was something I had been looking very much forward to ! I can tell you all that you will be in for a treat....I plan on being able to present at least one Testlab Outbreak every month, maybe more....!

So what is this Testlab Outbreak thing...? I posted about it awhile ago but to sum it up this is my way of being more innovative and explore different new designs, textures, tecnics etc..

I have a ton of ideas that I need to start exploring and to do so when my main production is customorders is to take out a few days a month and concentrate on making excactly what I want...try out new things and see what happens. The resulting knives will be VERY limited in numbers and should be very collectable. I will be making a max of 3-5 of each of these in the test phase. I can imagine most will be one of a kinds even...Some might later evolve into standard models but the prototypes will vary from these a great deal and will be marked with either my new Outbreak Logo or simply "Outbreak" Should I decide to make more of a particular model it will no longer be called Outbreak and will have the markings I usually put on my "regular" folder.

I have several new models allready designed waiting to get made and a bunch allready prepared just waiting for their turn to be finished.
When ever I present a new design in the Testlab Outbreak project I will in that same thread open up for reservations for this particular model. I will determine how many will be made in the Testfase and how many of these are availble. (I have a few in each batch pre-reserved to a few customer). As opposed to my regular customer orders the Outbreaks made/reserved in the testfase will be delivered much sooner than my regular deliverytime which at present time is approx 10-11 months. I hope the Outbreaks can be delivered in something more like 3-4 months from the date I present the first version of the design. While I am open to suggestions when you reserve a Testlab Outbreak I reserved the right to "go crazy" while building it to keep is a "real" Outbreak. In other words I am open to suggestions in regards to handlematerials, bladefinish etc but I cannot garanti what the endresult will have.

If you have any questions in regards to the Outbreaks I will be please to answer them here or via email. I am starting an email list especially for Outbreak news. Sign up by sending an email to this address:

last I would like to present the official Testlab Outbreak logo and the dedicated Pelican 1120 case each Outbreak will be delivered in.


Blogger spvwolfy said...

I like the logo!!

March 12, 2007 1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the assymetrical grind and the blade design!! Sweet job Jens! PS.

April 03, 2007 9:27 PM  

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