Monday, September 17, 2007

New Upscale folder...Schempp Damasucs to die for!

I just finished this piece for the Paris show later this month. The steel is some very special Ed Schempp Mosaic Sanmai damascus. Bees and beesnest pattern...alternating from side to side and from end to end of the about The only justifiable way to use this in my opinion was to make the blade and bolsters the same way...alternating from side to side. The handle is gold lip pearl. ....First time for me to work with this......hard as hell to take pictures of to do it justice.....

The folder design is a one of a kind...not the be reproduced again. The backspacer is also Schempp damascus. The blade is just a hair over 3" and overall lenght is approx 6 3/4"

This one is AVAILABLE:..!!! 1800$

Enjoy the pictures!



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