Thursday, August 09, 2007

Neckers available!

I have these neckers available for sale.....they are not finished yet but figured I would give you all a chance to get one as soon as I could.

1-11 is Damasteel and are made from .200 stock for the most is RWL-34 made from .160 stock. The Damasteel will be etched and the RWl-34 will be beadblasted. The weird color they have now is oxide from the heattreat...they just got out of the oven this afternoon. All will come with a kydex neck/pocketsheath. All are chisel ground and only textured on one side....the oposite side is FLAT...!
Prices are as follows:

1-6: 145$

7-11: 135$

12-20: 110$


28-35: 125$

Email me at to reserve yours. It has been my experience that it is a good idea if you give me some alternatives if the one your interested in is sold. These tend to go fast so you stand a better chance of getting one if you give me a list of the ones your interested in...


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