Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gone done it...ordered a heattreat oven...

For a long time I have ben wanting to change how things work around my shop. Usually I make large batches of 75-100 blades at a time to justify the high price I pay as startup fee for commercially heattreat. This is not a very good way for me to work for a couple of reasons. Mainly I dislike it because it usually takes at least 2 weeks of constant grinding to get there and it stops the cashflow=not good. It also keeps a lid on my creativity since the turnaround time from idea to finished product easily can be several months. So when my regular heattreater recently raised their prices by 500% from one day to another and since the only other heattreat company here in Denmark warped about half of the testshipment I sent to them just before Blade I started looking for other ways. Inspired by a post made by Excitable Boy aka J. MacDonald I looked into Paragon ovens. After talking with him and a few other makers especially my buddy RJ. Martin I went ahead today and ordered the HT14D paragon oven. This is abit larger than the popular KM14D so I can still fit several blades in will allow me to control every process of building my knives IN my shop and it will allow me to create new exciting knifedesigns and test them right away. If all goes as planned I will be recieving this in a month or so and start working on my ht skills.

this is a picture taken from the Paragon site...only difference to mine will be I decided for a side opening door just like J. Macdonald.....

Testlab Outbreak V.34-206

This is by far my favorite Testlab Outbreak so far.....I really REALLY like how these turned out! I presented this at the Bladeshow and got VERY good feedback on it so I guess I was not alone on liking it

The specs are as follows: 4" Blade, 8.8" overall with a .200" thick RWL-34 blade. As allways these are cryotreated and end up at 60Rc.

Usually I have some spots available when I present a new Outbreak but this time I brought 3 with me for the show that all sold and the remaining 2 places in line is gone. So no more will be made available in the Outbreak phase.......however I have decided to ad this model with only minor changes to my standard lineup before too long....SO...if your interested let me know This will btw be called "Rasta" when it becomes a regular model. Keep your eyes out for my website...!

I will be showing pictures of the 3 I brought to the show......first with Orange G10 , then green cnavas and last black G10. Enjoy!