Monday, February 25, 2008

Random shop pics :)

thought I would show some pics from m current shop setup :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Available Folder!!

I have this folder available for sale. This model is no longer in my regular line so if you want one now is the time! I will not be making more of this model except for one or two more I got on order.

4" blade in RWL-34, handrubbed finish, 9 1/4" overall lenght. Beadblasted frame, tibolster and denim fibermascus. Price: $575 plus shipping. Paypal prefered.(SOLD)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Outbreak Feb 2008!!!

I just finished Outbreak numero uno(1) of the Feb 2008 Outbreaks and the remaining 4 is almost done....As mentioned in another thread I will do a lottery for these so every one gets a chance to buy one....

Specs for these is:
3 1/4 (approx) blade in Talonite!! about .180-200 thick!!, framelocks in .130" Titanium, backspacers in the same material as the handle. Nr 1 has orange/black G10 with circular texture. The rest has Tan G10 with techno texture, Black/blue G10 with a new kinda texture I am exploring, translucent with "trademark" texture and CF with "Trademark" texture. All will have matching titanium clips...The price is 850$ each.

To get into the lottery please email me within the next 24 hours!! at and I will put your name in the hat. It would help if you give me a prioritylist of the different G10´s so you have a better chance of getting excactly the one youd like. The way I am going to run the lottery is the first name i pick will get the first choice on the his/her list, the next person I pick will if possible get the first choice on his/her list unless that one is allready spoken for...if so he/she will get the second choice. etc...let me know if this is clear. In 24 hours I will draw the names between the ones that emailed pm´s or posts will be accepted in the lottery...only emails!!! I will contact the winners directly via email as soon as I have the names ready and know which folders goes to which.

and now for some pictures...! Sorry for the qaulity of the pics....will try and get better tommorow and I will get pics of the remaining 4 as they are finished...

the lottery is now closed for entries, the winners has been picked and have recieved emails of which one they got....thanks for playing folks!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Outbreak Feb 2008 teaser/info

nothing to see here yet but have some info on it.....this time I will be making all 5 Outbreaks at the same time and offer them up for sale. It will be in the sub 4" catagory, all framelocks, all will have TALONITE blades....and the design is going to be awsome ..still fine tuning the design but expect to start working on them within a couple days.....will show a few teaser pics during the build. I cannot say excactly when these will be done but SOON!