Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Testlab Outbreak V.29-587 (Nov 2007)

Testlab Outbreak V.29-587 (Nov 2007)
Glad to be able to present this new Outbreak. I finished this one up just before I left for the New York show and was happy to be able to show it around "over there" Got alot of positive feedback on it before it was sold.

This one has a hawk blade of about 2" RWL-34, framelock with a single titanium frame together with a green/pistacio handle. I explored into a new kind of texture on this one ...kinda tecno-texture if you like... Worked out rather nice if you ask me

Since this one is sold allready and that I will make a total of 5 of this model Outbreak I have 4 available spots for these. Please note that what you sign up for is a spot on the list for one of these designs but the materials and configuration will be decided by me when I make it. I am open to suggestions but to stay with the concept of the Testlab Outbreak I will reserve the right to experiment with these.

The price is 575$ and will come with a 1120 dedicated Pelican case for safe storage. Please email me at to reserve a spot on the list for this V. 29-587 Outbreak.

Sorry for the half assed pictures...these where shot in an apartment on Brooklyn (Thanks Abe ) just before I went to the show....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Website and email is back up....

my website at and email was down for maintanance for several days but it appears that everything is back to normal again. If you have tried to get in contact with me with no respons please try again!

Friday, November 02, 2007

I just updated the blog with the latest pictures from my shop rebuild. It is almost done now and about ready to start work in....ofcourse there is still a ton of little jobs that wil have to be done as we go. I need to rethink alot of procedures but as soon as that is done I have a strong feeling my workflow will be much better in this new and optimized shop. I can´t wait to get back to knifemaking after 3 weeks of construction...!
These 3 weeks has not helped on getting caught up with overdue orders but it was something that had to be done and I will do my best to get caught up. Also if you have been emailing me during the past 3 weeks you will have noticed that I have been somewhat slow in responding. This should be over now and I am back "to my old self" again.... :)
So if you have a standing order and delivery is comming up please be patient and I will get everything caught up asap.

since last update alot of stuff has been going on...I painted the floor where the stationary machines will go...consturcted the tables and rebuilt the dust system from scratch....I have finally moved intot he shop again and am re organizing...about ready to start work again....all in all I think it turned out GREAT and can´t wait to start producing knives in the new shop.....I will snap some more pics ina couple of weeks or so when I have everything in place and set up like it should be ...