Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Folder Model - the Rasta!

I am happy to officially present the first Outbreak knife that turned into a regular model. I call it The "Rasta". I simply love this design so it was only a matter of time before I wanted to make it into a regular model. here are some specs for this knife:
Steel (blade, bolsters and backspacer): Ed Schempp San Mai Mosaic Damascus.
Frame: .095" 6Al4V, beadblasted and anodized a warm bronze color.
Handle: Stellar Seacow.
Heatcolored hardware.
The blade is 4 1/4" long and approx .200 thick., overall lenght is 8 3/4"

This knife will be presented at the Scandinavian Knifemakers Guild in Stockholm on Saturday the 25th of August.

This one is available..!! 1800$


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

State of the Anso Nation

So whats going on in the Anso camp.....the main buzz has been the new heattreat oven and using it..I have had several batches through allready incl cryo treating and all with very good results. One of the main benifits of having my own oven is the speed I am able to turn idea into finished knife. Back when I was using industrial heattreating service I was working in very large batches to justify the cost of the heattreat. It was common for me to make 75-100 blades ready for heattreat each time I was going to have something heattreated. Now I can make 1 or 10 or whatever I need to get done and heattreat that. I used to dislike grinding because it usually meant I was tied to the grinder for several weeks...not so any more and for the first time in a long long time I actually look forward to made some steel dust behind the grinder....! Ofcourse there is many other benifits.....I have a show next the 25th of August...and I can continue to grind untill the very last moment before the show and still have things ready in time.

for the last few months I have been running alittle behind on orders but I am catching up. If you have a over due order with me and I have not contacted you lately drop me a line and I will let you know how far out your order is.

I have had an urge for a long time to start making more folders with upscale materials and it wont be long before you will start seing some of the results from this. I got some very interesting mosaic san mai damascus from my good friend Ed Schempp at the Bladeshow that most likely will become some very limited edition folder designs..possible Outbreaks but not completly decided yet. ...I also have a bunch Mike Norris damascus waiting to get used.....what most of these projects will have in common is that they will be funky designs....no reason to go boring on the design just because you go up on the materials :D ....

Automatics....I have several new designs lined up for automatics among these a nice long stabby daggerdesign......I hope I will have some time to develope this after the Parisshow in late September....stay tuned. For now I have a few button release and a few scale release planned....single and double actions.....canĀ“t wait to get started!

in the top top secret drawer I have the plans for something wild in the handle design category.....thats all I can say now but your going to be in for a treat...!

thats all for now....! ..or at least all I can think of right now :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Neckers available!

I have these neckers available for sale.....they are not finished yet but figured I would give you all a chance to get one as soon as I could.

1-11 is Damasteel and are made from .200 stock for the most part...rest is RWL-34 made from .160 stock. The Damasteel will be etched and the RWl-34 will be beadblasted. The weird color they have now is oxide from the heattreat...they just got out of the oven this afternoon. All will come with a kydex neck/pocketsheath. All are chisel ground and only textured on one side....the oposite side is FLAT...!
Prices are as follows:

1-6: 145$

7-11: 135$

12-20: 110$


28-35: 125$

Email me at info@ansoknives.com to reserve yours. It has been my experience that it is a good idea if you give me some alternatives if the one your interested in is sold. These tend to go fast so you stand a better chance of getting one if you give me a list of the ones your interested in...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Testlab Outbreak 47-373

Well it is about time I posted a new Outbreak...! This one is one of the smaller ones I actually made this alittle while ago but decided to wait before I posted it. This one have a blade approx 1 3/4" long or so....this one is made as a framelock with a stand alone orange G10 handle side with integral backspacer...I am really starting to like this way of building folders more and more...! There will be made a total of 5 of this model in the Outbreak phase, the pictured one incl. If you interested in getting on the list for one send me a mail to outbreak@ansoknives.com ... pricing for this one will be $495 and will include a dedicated Pelican case.