Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jyen and one off Tanto available

In my efforts to clean out my drawer of fixed blade blanks I realized I had a few that was not ordered.....since I stopped taking orders for fixedblades these are your last chance to get a "standard model" knife from me...

First is a Jyen....made from 7 mm stock RWL-34...yep thats a allitle more than 1/4! yet light and comptable because of the tapered tang and deep hollow grinds.. 4 1/2" handrubbed blade, 9 1/4" overall. I will be making a leathersheath for this one. Handle is first class desert ironwood. Price is 595$ plus shipping (sold)

Next is is the one of a kind Tanto Shank....Chisel Ground from 7mm RWL-34 (again...alittle more than 1/4"), compound ground and facetted tip...VERY strong and THICK .... exposed "butt" for striking, heavy textured black G10. Beadblasted all over... Comes with a kydex sheath. 7 1/2" blade, 12 1/2" overall...price 425$ (sold)


Monday, September 17, 2007

New Upscale folder...Schempp Damasucs to die for!

I just finished this piece for the Paris show later this month. The steel is some very special Ed Schempp Mosaic Sanmai damascus. Bees and beesnest pattern...alternating from side to side and from end to end of the about The only justifiable way to use this in my opinion was to make the blade and bolsters the same way...alternating from side to side. The handle is gold lip pearl. ....First time for me to work with this......hard as hell to take pictures of to do it justice.....

The folder design is a one of a kind...not the be reproduced again. The backspacer is also Schempp damascus. The blade is just a hair over 3" and overall lenght is approx 6 3/4"

This one is AVAILABLE:..!!! 1800$

Enjoy the pictures!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

sceduled downtime for the shop....

mid next month I am pulling the shop compleetly down and will be redoing it compleetly....for too long I have had to freeze my butt of in the winter so I will be making a new wooden floor with insulation underneath...the walls will also be insulated and more old brickdust on my tables and machines....when doing this I will divide the shop room in two so I can seperate the dust makers from my main workarea where I sit and do assemply and layoutwork basicly I do this for my more freezing and minimizing the dust I breathe....yep I got a pretty good dust system and wear a respirator but when the job is done the system is shut down and the respirator is gone....this basicly means I will be shutting down for at least a week.....hopefully I can have it done within that time (yes I have help).....this redo is the main reason why I want to get all fixedblades orders done before the Paris show by the end of the month....since I will be rebuilding the shop for folder/bali making....alot of changes will happen and I canĀ“t wait....I will be setting up my most important machines in a temporary shop so I CAN work excample when the paint is drying etc...also if it SHOULD take longer than expected I can make a knife every now and then in between. I really look forward to having this project done also so I can continue with my NEW addition to the shop space.....yep...MORE space....especially for my lathes, drawing table and photo area....whopedooo!!

will document the build and post pictures during...!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

this the the last 5 neckers from the previous batch....figure I would ease things up abit by posting some new pics.

A,B,C,D (RWL-34): 110$
E (Damasteel): 145$

5 ti-cards beadblasted and flamed, chiselground witsh some nasty serrations....

75$ each