Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ok....another few days has past and here is what happened. Doors where the main building a new floor both the doors where at least a foot and a half to small for the new (used) doors I the big hammer and chisel has to be put into use...dirty job but someone has to do it After the door holes where made big enough I installed new beams to support the walls over the door frame. I am glad I do better making knives than I do laying bricks...aint pretty but it works....will do part of the finishing touch on the walls tommorow. The my buddy Tei came and helped me install the of them is a simple inner door since this will become an acces door to the second level shop room that is in the works but put on hold untill further notice...the other door is an insulated frontdoor...heavy duty and I installed a new lock on it today so I have easy acces from the outside. Todays work was applying felt to the new walls in the inner room. When this dries up painting is next. Tommorow the electrician will come and install all the outlets for 220V and 380V, lamps etc....I included a few pics of the shop seen from the outside. The weather was especially nice today allthough pretty cold.... I am allready looking forward to sitting in my new and WARM shop looking out into the cold....


Monday, October 22, 2007

Bunch of neckers available..!

I have a bunch of neckers available. These are straight out of heattreat unfinished in the pic. All of these are chisel ground and textured on one side except for #11 which is double hollow. All are RWL-34 except for 19-22 which are damasteel. Each will be beadblasted and will come with a pocket/neck kydex sheath. These will be ready to ship by the end of this week! respond here or email me at ...first come first serve. Payment prefered via Paypal...western Union and checks ok. Shipping is approx 15$ for 1 or 2 neckers....about 20$ for more than 2.

12-13: 110$
15-18: 110$
14 which will be a pushdagger when done will be 135$

the following are sold: 1,2,7,8 9, 10, 14, 22[/COLOR]

Sunday, October 21, 2007

made some progress.....Installed all the the insulation and dry wall I worked the surface of the walls the first time...(I have no idea what the process is called ...but I filled all the gaps with "filler"..tommorow I will go over the walls the second time and then work on installing new doors....(the old are about 5 feet head is sore

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I just finished these last two blades in my drawer....these are the very last fixed blades of my regular line you will see for a VERY long time if ever again. I have finished the last of my orders for fixed blades and with these two the drawer is EMTY :)

first is the Droppoint with damasteel blade (stainless, 60 Rc) green canvas micarta, kydex sheath, tapered tang: price $450 (sold)

the other is a variation of the same design....RWL-34 blade, beadblasted, black canvas, tapered tang...price; 325$

the last one is a rare item indeed....only made somethign like 3 or 4 total on this design...

contact me at if your interested

paypal prefered...western union and checks ok...!

been working really hard on the shop rebuild for the past 4-5 days.....after the shop was cleaned out of tools, tables etc I had to remove some of the concrete flooring....7 am I started with the my neighbours loved that :) ....then we started constructing the floor, expanding into the room next door as it will be the staircase to the second story level of the shop in the future (so far that area is ONLY a floor :)) ...after the floor was done we started working on dividing the room in two plus building a shell inside the main room so I could have the walls insulated. So far the dividing wall, door and window is up. Some of the wirering is done also the sheetrock will be put up and the final wirering will be done.....stay tuned for more updates :)


Saturday, October 13, 2007

today I started taking the shop about half way through....this is the results so far....half emty shop...half full storage room next the big room you will see the top floor which eventually will be my second workshop...the clean room....


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Testlab Outbreak V.93-312 (Oct 2007 - kinda)

I meant to post this sooner....actually this Outbreak was presented at the Bladeshow...I just never got around posting pics of it....and since the last couple months has been crazy I havent had time to finish any new Outbreaks....have quite a few lined up allready ...just not the time....well enough bla bla bla...this is a big hunk of steel...Amok size which means 5 3/4" blade and about 12 3/4 overall lenght.....however....while the Amok is big this one feels HUGE....ofcourse I DID grind it from 7mm stock...thats alittle bit more than 1/4"...and the blade has ALOT of mass also....I am making a total of two (2) of this model allthough this one will be the only one excactly looking like 2 (which will be me at if interested) will have a slightly different bladeshape...alittle bit slimmer...